Vision & Values

The Eremos Vision

We invite you to be part of its unfolding as Spirit calls you to respond.

Eremos is a community without walls providing a sacred space where people of all faith traditions and diverse backgrounds step back from daily life to behold the mystery of God dwelling within. From the intimacy of this communion, people experience a sense of peace and oneness that empowers them to live and love others more fully.

As we live this vision in ever expanding circles, we are transformed. The experience of oneness in the heart of God calls us to live and love others more deeply.

Our Values:


Eremos is contemplative. It honors the movement within each person to be lovingly attentive to God whose love is attentive to us.

Welcoming Community.

All are welcome at Eremos. We honor and deeply respect each individual’s journey and way of communing with the Divine. We celebrate the spirit that binds us together, found at the heart of every spiritual tradition.


Eremos invites people to experience the mystery of God within and among us. Centered in the heart of God (the Divine) we experience a love which is beyond all imagining.

Love & Compassion.

At Eremos, we seek to live out of the center of love, responding with compassion to every dimension of life.

Rest & Re-Creation.

The pace, chaos, and loneliness in our lives drains us of that which is most vital. By stepping back from our day-to-day activities to rest with others in the heart of God, we are restored, renewed, and refreshed.

Upcoming Eremos Workshops

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Ended Events
  • September 22, 2020 at 19:00:00

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