• October 17, 2020 at 10:00:00

Writing our Relationship with Trees: A Poetic Path

Joy Harjo, the first Native American to hold the post of US Poet Laureate, speaks to the heart of this workshop! Spending a contemplatively oriented day together, with time to go out among the trees in your neighborhood, we will trace, explore, and hopefully expand our relationship with trees using poetry as our medium.

Whether trees have simply been a part of the scenery for you or you have been a life-long observer, and lover of trees, we will peer more deeply into their nature, cycles, relationships, and place in the cosmos in order to illuminate our own.   By traveling this path together with trees, we will learn a way to look more deeply into all of creation as our spiritual family and to recognize their true spiritual guidance.

Some humans say trees are not sentient beings
but they do not understand poetry
—Joy Harjo, US Poet Laureate ,Speaking Tree

No experience with writing or poetry is needed.  Principles and practices of Poetic Medicine will be shared that have encouraged every age and level of writer to claim poem-making as a birthright form of heartfelt expression.

Please bring a story (or poem), a photograph and/or object, about a single tree or a forest, an orchard, or a grove of trees, with which you have had a relationship that has made a difference to you in your life, somehow changed how you see yourself and the world around you.


Saturday, October, 17


10:00AM – 5:00PM


$125 (two partial scholarships available)


Virtually (via Zoom)


Cathey Capers

This poetry retreat is sponsored by
Parker and Paula Jameson and Kim Soechting. We’re grateful to every sponsor, as they help ensure we can continue offering inspiring programs at affordable prices.

About our Facilitator

Cathey Capers

Her passion is the intersection of poetry and contemplation. A graduate of the Institute for Poetic Medicine’s 3-year certification program, Cathey offers poetic medicine programs in the Austin area and is a popular Eremos facilitator. She is also a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation’s Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups and Retreats.