Waking Up White

A Conversation with Author Debby Irving

“The good news is that everyone can do something to loosen racism’s hold on America. The bad news is that unless you set yourself up for success, trying to do something helpful can actually perpetuate racism. Take time to learn and engage with the problem in order to lower the chances of making the same mistakes I did.” –Debby Irving

The summer of 2020 brought an awakening to many that we need to do our own “work” to help be part of the movement to ensure words, beliefs, acts, and policies of racism are no longer tolerated.

After many of us have read numerous books – including our Fall Book Reflection of Rhonda Magee’s book, The Inner Work of Racial Justice – those of us identified as “white” are waking up to the privileges and “white” lens we view the world through. Understanding our unconscious beliefs and biases is critical to effectively being part of the change.

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We invite you to join Eremos as we educate ourselves to be better leaders in the movement toward racial justice through our 90-minute zoom conversation with Debby Irving. She will discuss her book, Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race, and lessons learned in being a racial justice educator for the last seven years on Thursday, March 18th at 7:00pm Central.

Since a powerful aha moment in 2009, Debby Irving has been on a journey towards being part of the solution and has been sharing her personal “often cringe-worthy story” with openness and compassion, helping many transform confusion and well-meaning intentions into ideas and actions that make a difference.

Please join us for this inspiring conversation with Debby Irving!   


Thursday evening, March 18th


7:00pm Central to 8:30pm


$40.00 (Partial Scholarships are available. Please do not miss this because of budgetary concerns.)


Virtual via Zoom, (Details emailed prior to event)


Debby Irving

The event will be RECORDED, with all registered guests able to view the recording for 30 days. (Link will be sent the day after the event.)

No previous experience with Ms. Irving’s book is required. Open to anyone!   

Join us for a special pre-event conversation!

For those interested in a pre-event conversation about the book (to make the most of our time with Ms. Irving), you’re invited to a FREE 60-minute Zoom conversation with Executive Director Dianna Amorde on Tuesday evening, March 16th at 7:00pm Central.

About our Facilitator

Debby Irving

Author of Waking Up White, Debby Irving is a racial justice educator and writer. She works with other white people to transform confusion into curiosity and anxiety into action. In Debby’s words: “My aim is to increase white racial consciousness while simultaneously shifting the conversation from blame, shame, and denial to humility, self-reflection, and honest dialog. Though my focus is primarily on awakening white community members, all are welcome and the voices and perspectives of people of color are encouraged and honored. What I hear most often from people of color who attend my events is that there’s great value in bearing witness to white people doing our own work.”