30 November 2016

“Contemplation is the highest expression of our intellectual and spiritual life. It is that life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It is spiritual wonder.”

—Thomas Merton

We’re excited about what the future holds for Eremos!

Everyday new possibilities arise for ways to support Central Texans in these chaotic times. Touched by the stories shared about how Eremos has enriched and uplifted the lives of so many these past 20 years, we’re eager to help more people discover the gift of contemplation.

You’re invited to partner with Eremos in our future and mission in a deeper way by participating in our “Sustainable Summers” campaign with a recurring monthly contribution of $20 or more.

To know we can count on your financial support every month would be a tremendous help to us and to our planning process for future programs and events. Your commitment helps Eremos build a strong financial foundation for long-term service to Central Texans.

As we witness through the media the effects of excruciating personal pain being acted out in sometimes horrific ways, Eremos’ invitation into the silence and the Mystery of God is needed now more than ever.

Our subtle, gentle invitation through spiritual direction, retreats, contemplative mornings, and workshops can seem like a drop in the bucket. And, yet, if you’re reading this, you have likely experienced the profound inner shifts toward self-compassion and inner peace during an Eremos offering—realizing how that personal experience enables you to gaze with more loving eyes on others.

And, whether you witness it or not, the positive ripples from your more loving gaze make a difference.Our world begins to change. By helping Eremos live into our mission in a more dynamic way because of sure financial footing, you are helping to uplift and transform our world. For who is not changed by the spaciousness and love found in the Mystery…in the Silence?

In return for becoming a sustaining donor, we’re thrilled to include you in our new Sustaining Partners Circle. Your first benefit is an invitation to be our guest at one of our workshops or monthly contemplative groups. And, if you cannot use this benefit, you are welcome to share it with a friend – perhaps someone you want to support in experiencing the peace of contemplation.

May we add you to our Sustaining Partners Circle as someone we can count on month in and month out?

If so, please DONATE HERE to register your monthly gift—deducted from your bank account or credit card through our secure donation webpage.

Thank you for being a part of our growing contemplative community and for prayerfully considering this invitation.

Sustaining Partners Circle Details.

In return for your generous recurring monthly donation, Eremos is honored to include you as a member of our Sustaining Partners Circle!

Benefits include:

  1. An invitation to be our guest at one of our workshops or monthly contemplative groups. Importantly, this invitation is transferable to a friend or family member you want to support in experiencing the peace of contemplation.
  2. A special poem or reading e-mailed to you each month with questions for internal reflection designed to help you deepen your contemplative practice. You can engage with the material whenever you choose.
  3. Opportunities to join us virtually in contemplation at various times throughout the year. More details to come.
  4. A special Thank You gathering at Eremos late next Spring. More details to come.

As the Sustaining Partners Circle grows, we anticipate offering even more ways to show our gratitude and to support your contemplative life. We hope you’ll say YES! to becoming a sustaining partner of Eremos. If so, please DONATE HERE to register your monthly gift.