Contemplations / Resources

To be contemplative is to enter a quiet in which every aspect of our humanness becomes still in response to the stillness within God, the Divine, or however you define the Source of all that is.

In these intense days of the evolving pandemic, entering this quiet or silence is vitally important. In the spaciousness of silence, showing up with whatever fears and concerns you may have, you are gently invited to behold the Mystery of God. Burdens are lightened, clarity comes, and compassion for yourself and others is reawakened.

And sometimes, a quote, a poem or other reading, an image, or a piece of music can uplift your spirit and provide soul nourishment to ponder in your times of silence and reflection. May the resources offered below support you and remind you that we as a community are in this together and with you on this journey.

Resources to Support You

We know there are many organizations reaching out to offer support right now. Just in case you find yourself in need of other reminders that you’re not alone and that we have every reason to hope for a bright future, below is a small list that will grow in this coming days.

  • Publishers of spiritual and healing books are making some of their videos and publications available for free. Check out,, or to name just a few of these sites.
  • Our friends at Conspirare have opportunities to listen and order (download) their inspiring music at, Or, check out this recording of Conspirare’s Light of a Clear Blue Morning on YouTube for hope.
  • Did you know we have wisdom from our founder Jean Springer on our website? She loved her coffee, so pour yourself a cup, get comfortable, and nourish your spirit with her timeless wisdom.
  • Poets are uplifting us with their expression of how this pandemic is affecting us all. Here are links to two poems shared via social media and the press: Lockdown and Pandemic. 
  • We also invite you to join us for a special virtual opportunity to let poetry support you: Poetry in the Time of Pandemic with Cathey Capers, Saturday, April 18th from 10am to Noon. Find Out More Here.
  • Interview with Dr. David Kessler, author of Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief (thank you Sharon Dunn for sharing this gem!)
  • (website founded by Dr. David Kessler)
  • The Austin Center for Grief & Loss has resources to schedule sessions specifically about the challenges you’re facing with the pandemic.
  • You’re Allowed to Grieve The Year That Would Have Been, great article on by Candace Marie Benbow (thank you Ellen Sullivan.for sharing this article and beginning a conversation on grief)
  • Spiritual Direction to listen for what God has to say about all you’re experiencing right now might be helpful. You can schedule a free 10-minute session to find out if it’s right for you.

We LOVE Conspirare at Eremos and here is such an uplifting offering from Creative Director Craig Hella Johnson. We are truly never alone.


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