Book Reflection

Eremos Winter 2021 Book Reflection

Dropping The Struggle:
Seven Ways to Love the Life You Have

By Roger Housden

“With luminous clarity, radical authenticity, and tender appreciation of the human predicament, Dropping the Struggle is more than a teaching and bigger than a book: it is an invitation to transform.” ―Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy.

In the introduction to his book, Roger Housden points out the difference between the effort and practice needed for mastery or achievement and the fear-based struggles that so many of us get lost in:


“Yet struggle will never get us the things we want most – love; meaning; presence; freedom from anxiety over the past and future; contentment with ourselves exactly as we are, imperfections and all; the acceptance of our mortality – because these things lie outside the ego’s domain.”

Using the beauty and honesty of poetry and his life experience, Housden invites us to drop the struggle and let go of our “resistance to life as it presents itself.” Join us for four weekly conversations (with time for reflection) in February 2021, as we explore the wisdom Housden shares and discern how best to incorporate it into our own lives.


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Book Reflection Details

Four 90-minute facilitated sessions, beginning February.

Sessions include time for silence, reflection, and sharing. (dates vary by facilitator)


$50 + book.

Partial Scholarships available


See chart below for a complete list of facilitators and the dates/times their groups meet.

For more information about this empowering workshop event, please contact Eremos today.

(90 Minute Sessions)
Dianna AmordeWednesdays from 7:00pm  – 8:30pmFeb 3rd, 10th, 17th, & 24thVIRTUALLY (Zoom)OPEN
Regina MoserThursdays from 7:00pm – 8:30pmFeb 4th, 11th, 19th & 25thVIRTUALLY (Zoom)OPEN
Barbara Schutz Wednesdays from 12:30pm – 2:00pmFeb 3rd (remaining dates, TBD)VIRTUALLY (Zoom)OPEN

All Time are Central

About the Author

Roger Housden

Roger Housden is the author of twenty-two books, including the bestselling Ten Poems series. In addition, his writing has been featured in many publications, including the New York Times and O: The Oprah Magazine. A native of England, he lives in Marin County, California, and teaches around the world.

Note: All of our facilitators are experts in holding space for different points of view and authentic sharing; however, when it comes to racial justice, they are beginners and eager to learn – with you – what racial justice and anti-racism really mean.

FACILITATOR: Barbara Schutz was called more deeply into the care of God’s people through the ministry of Spiritual Direction more than 20 years again.  She offers individual and group spiritual direction, retreats, classes, and workshops and has facilitated many book groups for Eremos.  Barbara describes her passion as “creating opportunities for others to encounter God”.

FACILITATOR: Dianna Amorde is the Executive Director of Eremos and has been facilitating these book groups since she arrived 8 years ago. She considers them one of her favorite ways of connecting with and supporting the Eremos community and delights in the opportunity to hear different points of view.

FACILITATOR: Regina Moser is an educator, spiritual director and avid reader who has facilitated book groups for over 15 years. Regina loves sharing the joys of reading, pondering and exploring in reflective groups.  Trusting that listening is Holy, Regina appreciates weaving contemplate practices, journaling and thoughtful questions to delve into the power of sharing stories.

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