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Greek word meaning solitary place, quiet place, desert place

We seek to provide contemplative opportunities for people of all faith traditions and all walks of life to step back from the hectic pace of life and reconnect to their Source.

Our Featured Programs

Thursday, October 8th, 7:00pm Central to 8:30pm

The Inner Work of Racial Justice: A Conversation with Rhonda V. Magee

How do we bring our contemplative gifts of silence, reflection, mindfulness, and presence to the table when we sit down to talk about race?

Join us for a powerful 90-minute conversation on racial justice with Rhonda Magee on Thursday evening, October 8th from 7pm Central to 8:30pm via Zoom as law professor and mindfulness practitioner Rhonda Magee speaks from extensive experience both personally and professionally of the need to begin the move toward racial justice with ourselves.

Saturday, October, 17th, 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Virtual Retreat: Writing Our Relationship With Trees: A Poetic Path

No experience with writing or poetry is needed. Principles and practices of Poetic Medicine will be shared that have encouraged every age and level of writer to claim poem-making as a birthright form of heartfelt expression.
Saturday, October 31st, 9:30am to Noon

Reclaim Wonder! How This Gift of Childhood Can Lead Us to a Better World

On the morning of Halloween – when the child in many of us comes out – join us to reenter the rich and potent world of early childhood! The desire for connection and capacity for wonderment we experienced in our youth can move the adults we are now toward respect, compassion, and honoring of the earth and all beings.
November 19th, 7:00pm Central to 8:30pm

Being With The Divine In These Times Of Uncertainty

We are excited to announce author, artist, and ordained minister Jan Richardson as our next spiritual leader participating in this series. In a 90-minute conversation facilitated by Rev. Dr. Mona West, Jan Richardson will speak to the grief and the blessings this unprecedented time has brought us, will offer a contemplative practice that has guided her through these tumultuous months, and will help us shift inward to claim the beauty and the gifts of what promises to be a holiday season unlike any other.

Upcoming Events

October 3rd, 10:00am to 12:00pm Virtually

Contemplative Creativity Circle with Marie Angele Sanchez

October 11th, 2pm to 3pm (Virtual Workshop)

Pondering the News with Deborah Franke

October 15th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Contemplative Men's Ongoing Group

October 18th, FROM 2PM TO 3:15PM

Soul Support

October 21st, 11:30 to 1pm

Benedict's Way with Betsy Aylin

Who We Are

New to Contemplation?

To be contemplative is to enter a quiet in which every aspect of our humanness becomes still in response to the stillness within God, the Divine, or however you define the Source of all that is.

In the spaciousness created within the Eremos community, you are gently invited to behold the Mystery of God. As you rest in moments of silence in community, burdens are lightened, clarity comes, and compassion for yourself and others is reawakened.

Whether you choose to accept our invitation via spiritual direction, a workshop, retreat or monthly on-going small group, you are welcome here.

Prayer for the West…

Beloved Creator, thank you for surrounding everyone affected by the fires in the West with love and compassion, guiding them – from humans to the smallest insect – to safe shelter and nourishment.

May you keep safe and bless every fire fighter, government official, caregiver, and other service providers for their efforts to stop the fires, lead people to safety, and provide comfort to those displaced.

May your loving presence be felt by those who have lost loved ones and bring them comfort and peace.

May loving kindness and compassionate assistance beyond our imagining be born out of the ashes to help those in need.


In These Uncertain Times May We Uplift Each Other Virtually

With the impact of COVID-19 (the coronavirus) continuing to challenge us daily and the cries for justice piercing our hearts, we continue to support the Eremos community and our Central Texas neighbors virtually through our newsletters, social media posts, programs, and spiritual direction.

As a contemplative community, we know the soul nourishment that occurs when we drop out of our heads into the silence of our hearts to be with God, the Divine, the Holy One, or whatever name you call Source. We invite you to pause often to take a deep breath, drop into the silence, and find the peace that passes all understanding.

We are a community. We hold you, your loved ones, and our world in our collective hearts and prayers. And, we hold the vision and space for healing to come and for the world to emerge stronger and more united for the challenges facing us now. Thank you for joining us in this vision.

May we all come together virtually to offer hope and healing to all hearts, minds, and souls. Thank you for being part of our contemplative community without walls.

We invite you to step back from the busyness of life. Spaciousness, clarity, connection, and peace are just a few of the gifts that await you in our contemplative community without walls.


Exploring your relationship with the Divine...

Experience the benefits of connecting to and exploring your relationship with the Divine in the company of a small group of fellow travelers on the contemplative path. You’re welcome to join one or more of the following groups.
You are invited to discover creativity as a contemplative path: Relax in a quiet place dedicated to creative work Bring your own materials or use materials provided Follow directions offered or create your own way Neither artistic talent nor training necessary Enjoy time for individual and group reflection Ground and grow in a creating community..Read detail
Within this supportive circle, participants experience the uniqueness and diversity of each spiritual journey. It also provides women an opportunity to be affirmed in their contemplative experience...Read detail
Eremos invites you to a free, once-a-month contemplative session in a location near you. Most groups meet on the 3rd Sunday afternoon of the month. Please check below for the specific date and time of a group near you. Each session includes a brief reading, 20 minutes of silent contemplation to rest your mind, and sharing from group members about their contemplative experience...Read detail
This on-going Eremos offering provides an opportunity to explore the rich tradition of Benedictine spirituality as a way to enrich the spiritual depth and meaning of our lives and as a guide to everyday living...Read detail
Eremos invites you to join us in community to explore the possibility of reclaiming peace within ourselves through a contemplative response that turns the daily news that bombards our hearts and minds from a toxin to a tonic. ..Read detail
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We share the events of our lives. We focus on a common theme for reflection. We spend some time in contemplative silence. We offer each other our insights and responses and bless one another in parting until we meet again...Read detail
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