Who We Are


Our Mission

Eremos invites persons to come and behold the mystery of God dwelling within.
From the intimacy of this communion they are empowered to live and love others.

Our History

  • 1992 Jean Springer arrived in Austin, Texas with a dream of providing a space within Austin in which people could be invited to listen to the Spirit dwelling within each of them and within the lives they live.
  • 1995 On retreat with a group of women called “Sisters of Diversity” the thought of becoming a non-profit organization was surfaced and from this conversation an Organizational Committee was formed to explore this vision.
  • 1996 We incorporated as Eremos with a four member Board of Directors and received our status as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Since that time we have worked to build and maintain the financial and organizational structure to support Eremos’ spiritual mission.

Many Eremos activities happen at 6210 Adel Cove, which also houses Eremos’ offices.

Raised Baptist and living next to the Baptist Church, much of my time was spent within the influence of the Church. As a teenager I longed to become a missionary, but it took becoming Catholic and entering a missionary community of women to make the desire a reality.

Eight years in South Africa gave me a hunger and thirst for a contemplative way of life. I searched all over the United States for a community which would affirm and support the calling. Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in south Texas honored that search.

From the womb my life has been directed by the Spirit.

The 10-year ebb and flow in relationship within that community gave me another desire. Seeing so many people seeking God within silence and solitude, I yearned to provide a space in Austin where people could step back from their everyday lives on a more regular basis to listen to the Spirit.
From the womb my life has been directed by the Spirit.

Jean Springer

Spiritual Amma

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