Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction offers an opportunity to truly listen
to the Spirit within and then create a life in response to the
direction of that Spirit.

Specifically, at Eremos we view spiritual direction as:

  • A relationship centered and focused on the movement of the Spirit;
  • A time to nurture the awareness of God’s presence and action in life;
  • A relationship in which the seeker opens to personal accountability for living a spiritual life; and,
  • An opportunity to receive insights shared by the director.
There are moments when it is clear - if I have eyes to see - that the life I am living is not the same life that wants to live in me.

By Parker Palmer

Discover if Spiritual Direction is Right for You

Schedule your free 10-minute phone conversation with Eremos’ spiritual director, Jean Springer.

From your conversation, Jean will either recommend that you come see her at Eremos (south Austin) for spiritual direction, see one of the Listening Hearts (spiritual directors located throughout Austin FIND OUT MORE HERE), or seek another form of support.

Jean’s ability to listen – not only to me, but more importantly, to the Spirit within – is profound. And she is able to express deep truths in a way that is inclusive and meaningful, even though we may not share an identical spiritual “orientation”.
–Pat, a spiritual directee

Spiritual Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spiritual direction is right for me?

You’ll know you’re ready when you can say from your heart: “My life is changing and…”

  • I want to listen to God more attentively within the circumstances of my life.
  • I am willing to talk about my personal spiritual journey with a Director.
  • I desire Truth and I am willing to be open to all possible outcomes.

How do I choose a spiritual director?

We recommend that you look for a person who demonstrates:

  • Solid theological knowledge about the life of the Spirit;
  • Fidelity to a personal faith journey as well as openness to transformation;
  • Compassion—someone who listens and with whom you can be at ease, who takes your quest seriously and facilitates your growth in trust;
  • A life of prayer and acceptance—someone who is willing to ponder Mystery and to allow you to live into Mystery; and
  • Commitment to hold confidences.

What does a 50 minute session cost and are there any scholarships available?

A 50 minute spiritual direction session is $60, payable via cash or check at your appointment. Scholarships are available for those in need. Please convey your concerns and needs directly to Jean Springer when you speak with her.

Have you experienced the gentle, supportive, transformational gifts of Eremos? Whatever your story or experience, we welcome your financial support!

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