Nonprofit Leaders Soul Support

As someone who has a leadership role within a nonprofit or as a board member, you face a unique set of challenges: there is always more to give and do to support the vital work of your nonprofit with limited financial resources.

Where in the middle of all of this do you find precious time for refilling your ‘well’ and taking care of that inner fire that sustains and inspires you as you face these daily challenges?

As part of Eremos’ mission to help people step back from the busyness of their lives, we’ve created unique programs to support nonprofit leaders like you in refilling your well, nourishing your soul, or sustaining the inner fire that fuels you.

All are welcome. There is no spiritual, religious or faith tradition expectation. Any reflections shared with be poems, quotes, or readings open to all.

Please join us:

Nonprofit Leaders Monthly Soul Support Sessions: Come gather with other nonprofit leaders for 90 minutes of facilitator-led moments of silence, reflection, and brief conversation.

Perhaps you’ve recently thought “I don’t have a moment to think, to vision, to dream,” or you’ve been overthinking a challenge and intuitively know time in quiet reflection would help, or maybe you sense the soul-nourishing power of the communion of silence is just what you need right now.

Let this monthly Soul Support be that time for you.

Whatever the reason may be that this timeout speaks to you, please join us. Advanced registration is appreciated, but last-minute drop ins are welcome too. $10 per session (cash only at the door).


Re-Engage with the Heart of Your Mission

Focused support in reconnecting with the mission of your nonprofit and regularly stepping back to nourish your soul with a small group of peers.