Contemplative Mornings

You’re invited to experience
a quiet morning of contemplation in community.

Experience the simple, profound gifts that the spaciousness in this ‘time out’ can give you.

Whether it’s to be present to God’s love and call, to hear your inner wisdom, or to rest your weary spirit in quiet company, come and be awhile.

While each morning will have its own flow, a typical experience would be: Gathering (10 minutes), Group Theme Discussion (20 minutes), Community Silence (30 minutes), Individual Contemplative Time Inside or Outside (trails & park next door) (1 hour), and Group Reflection & Closing (30 minutes).

In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.

–Mahatma Gandhi

Contemplative Mornings

2017 Program Dates

January 28th, March 25th and May 27th
$5 Registration + optional donation

*Address will be given out upon registration. “The Holcombe family is glad to be of help to Eremos to provide a space and time for a contemplative morning which is inter-spiritual and provides time for silence and spiritual nurturance.” –Wanda and George Holcombe

Facilitator: Rev. Ed Wilder, Eremos Board Member

An experienced retreat facilitator, Ed, has been blessed to serve several United Methodist churches, and has also worked as a pastoral counselor, spiritual director, publisher of a spiritual formation newsletter, and producer of a meditation CD. Now retired, Ed’s passion is having fun and enjoying life!

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