14 February 2017
6210 Adel Cove, Austin, Texas 78749-1656
With grateful hearts, we thank you for any way that you choose to support Eremos during Amplify Austin and beyond. In our 5th year of participation, we thank you in advance for helping Eremos fulfill its mission—more vital than ever in this time of great change in our country—of helping people step back from the busyness of life to behold the mystery of God dwelling within. From the intimacy of this communion, people ...
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01 December 2016
6210 Adel Cove, Austin, Texas, 78749-1656
Twenty years ago Eremos was born with the intention of supporting Central Texans in beholding the Mystery of God in moments of silence in spiritual direction, contemplative retreats and monthly gatherings. Now we seek a solid financial foundation as we embark on our next 20 years. We invite you to be part of the legacy for the future of this spiritual oasis that is Eremos and welcome your financial support.
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01 December 2016
6210 Adel Cove, Austin, Texas, 78749-1656
We’re excited about what the future holds for Eremos! Everyday new possibilities arise for ways to support Central Texans in these chaotic times. Touched by the stories shared about how Eremos has enriched and uplifted the lives of so many these past 20 years, we’re eager to help more people discover the gift of contemplation.
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